Unit 1

Unit 1: Why do we drink with meals?

Drink This Now: intro
Drink This Now Lesson 1: Why do we drink with meals?
*Episode #42 How to taste wine.
In today’s episode Gary Vaynerchuk tackles the one question he gets e-mailed the most about. This may very well be the one episode that everyone will be talking about.

*Episode #178 Wine ratings?
Wine Ratings what do they mean and how does Gary stack his scores against these 90+ scored wines from the MAJOR press.

Dom. Grand Veneur Cote du Rhone $12
Vivir, Vivir Vinos de Fabula $12
Las Rocas Garnacha $13
Mas Carlot Les Enfants Terribles $14
Fontodi Chiante Classico 06 $34
Erial TF 05 $42

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Today Gary Vaynerchuk tries 4 wines to see what goes with the bacon.

Episode #613 Talking Food and Wine with Chef Michael Schlow
Gary Vaynerchuk returns to Boston for a visit with one of the leading chefs in the United States.

Episode #292 Red Zinfandel and Foie Gras?
I think Gary has found a new pair and he is thrilled to show you it! Zinfandel’s from California can bring a lot to the table with the right foods!

Episode #288 1 Cheese 4 Wines!
Gary tries 4 VERY DIFFERENT wines with the same cheese to see how the pairings match up. Does every wine go with every cheese?

Episode #165 Food and Wine Pairings Information
Today Gary tackles the classic food and wine pairings question we all have on our mind. What goes well with fish?-No What goes well with Steak?-No What wines to serve with cheese?-NO……

Episode #152 Cheese and Wine Pairing from Italy and Burgundy
Watch today as Gary does more wine and cheese pairings. See how Gary matches up these three wines with these cheeses.

Episode #98 Wine and Cheese Pairings
Today Gary tastes 4 wines and tastes 4 cheeses and then talks about how they work together. This is a very interesting episode and one that will bring a lot of value to many viewers of WLTV.

4 thoughts on “Unit 1”

  1. We drink wine with meals to bring out the fruity flavors of the wine and to soften the tannins more.

    To taste wine, you swirl it and sniff it first then you sip it so you can get all the flavors of it. You want to swirl it to let air in so it will bring out more flavors of the wine.

    In the episode Gary tells us that we need to swirl the wine in our mouth so it lets more air in and more flavors will be brought out so we can taste as many flavors possible. Also by swirling it you coat your entire tongue and mouth with the wine so you can taste more flavors of the wine, and they stay longer because you swirled it all around.

  2. To: Anyone who bought the Toscolo 04 Chianti Classico Reserva.

    It tastes absolutely delicious with dark chocolate :) It really brings out the fruity flavors.

  3. To: Brittany,

    Where did you buy the Toscolo Chianti? I looked at a bunch of places to find anything on that list for section 1 and had no luck.

  4. Hi Tom,
    I went to Northern Virginia this weekend and they have a wine superstore called “Total Wine” and at the store they have a great selection of many types of wines. :) If you every get a chance take a trip to one, its very eye opening!

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