Unit 16

Drink This Now Lesson 16: Americas’ Finest: Zinfandel & Petite Syrah & Malbec
*Episode #766 Fall Flavors- Zinfandel Tasting
Gary Vaynerchuk tastes 3 Zinfandels in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.
*Episode #523 A Tasting Of Value Petite Sirah
Gary Vaynerchuk tries 3 Petite Sirahs that are priced right and sees if he can find a good deal in the bunch!
*Episode #296 Argentina and Those Pesky Malbec’s
Malbec is on fire and South America is taking full advantage and credit for this and you know what, good for them. Gary Vaynerchuk explores 4 new world Malbec wines for you today. LURKERS join us!

Additional vids on Zinfandel
Episode #706 A California Zinfandel Wine Tasting
Gary Vaynerchuk grabs 3 serious Zinfandels and sees what he can come up with. The Russian River and Pagani Ranch are on display.

Episode #583 Zinfandel tasting – Blind.
Gary Vaynerchuk is sky high after a huge Jets wine and his beard is getting thicker and thicker as he tries 6 California Zinfandels BLIND right before Thanksgiving.

Episode #539 A Blind Tasting of California Zinfandel
Gary V investigates the enigmatic Zinfandel grape with submissions from 4 different appellations in California

Episode #473 $15 Zinfandel Blind Tasting
Gary Vaynerchuk matches up 4 Zinfandel’s against each other in this fun format called blind tasting. All the wines on todays show are $15 or under too!

Episode #448 California Zinfandel Death Match
Gary Vaynerchuk explores 3 very serious Zinfandels on the thunder show and talks a little more about his new book!

Episode #349 Thanksgiving wine. Zinfandel
Zinfandel is one of the most popular wines with Turkey and with Thanksgiving coming up right around the corner Gary has decided to show and taste 4 different Zin’s and see what works for Turkey Day!

Episode #316 Highly Rated Zinfandel
Gary Vaynerchuk tastes some wines scored really high today and they all are Zinfandel’s and should be yummy. Let’s see what happens.

Episode #292 Red Zinfandel and Foie Gras?
I think Gary has found a new pair and he is thrilled to show you it! Zinfandel’s from California can bring a lot to the table with the right foods!

Episode #244 Serious Red Zinfandel
Gary Vaynerchuk attacks 4 very serious Red Zinfandels because you have asked him to.

Additional vids on Petite Sirah
Episode #609 Petite Sirah
Gary Vaynerchuk dedicates this show to the biggest Petite Sirah fan he knows!

Episode #284 Petite Sirah Taste Off
Gary Vaynerchuk has been attacked by so many emails to taste Petite Sirah that he has finally caved!

Episode #161 Petite Sirah Wines After a Big Loss

Additional vids on Malbec
Episode #847 Brown Bag Challenge – Malbec
Gary finishes the week by blind tasting challenge with 2 Malbecs.

Episode #810 2000 and 2005 Cahors Tasting
Gary shows some love for the Cahors appellation in France, a region that gave the Malbec grape its start.

Episode #556 3 Malbec Wines From 3 Different Places All Under $10
Gary Vaynerchuk tries 3 Malbecs from around the world and compares them head to head and sees if Argentina, Cahors or California will take the cake.

Episode #417 Malbec vs Malbec
It’s the new world vs the old world as Gary Vaynerchuk continues with the head to head battle of Malbecs from France and Argentina.

Episode #59 Argentine Malbecs
In todays episode Gary tastes and reviews four Malbecs from Argentina. Gary also responds to the overwhelming response from our viewers. Keep those comments and the emails coming!

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