Unit 17

Drink This Now Lesson 17: When Worlds Collide: New vs. Old in a Stylistic Showdown
*Episode #20 – Old world wines vs. New world
Gary Vaynerchuk goes after a hot debate in wine – Old world versus New world. Watch as he tries two Brunellos made in very different ways!
*Episode #228 Old World Wine
Today Gary Vaynerchuk takes a walk on the Old World side. Bordeaux, Burgundy and Alsace will make their appearances today.

Additional vids on New vs Old

Episode #521 Gary V Expands His Own Palate with Some Old World Wines
Gary Vaynerchuk tastes 2 Nebbiolo wines from Valtellina, a lesser known neighbor of Piedmont.

Episode #516 A 3 country Pinot Noir Challenge
Gary Vaynerchuk tries 3 – $40 Pinot Noirs head to head and sees who has the chops. Will Burgundy, California or Oregon win this battle?

Episode #470 Pinot Gris Vs Pinot Grigio. A Head To Head
Same grape, 2 different countries, who wins this showdown?

Episode #417 Malbec vs Malbec
It’s the new world vs the old world as Gary Vaynerchuk continues with the head to head battle of Malbecs from France and Argentina.

Episode #282 Pinot Noir from France aka Burgundy
Gary tastes the entry level Pinot Noir’s from Burgundy

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