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Other red and white ‘second-string’ grape varieties that you might want to be familiar with.



Episode #816 2009 Torrontes Taste Off
Gary tastes 3 new arrivals from Argentina of Torrontes, a cool grape that makes interesting white wines from south of the Equator.

Episode #751 Torrontes Taste Off
Gary Vaynerchuk tastes 2 Torrontes side by side and announces the next Vayniac Virtual Tasting Along!

Episode #382 Torrontes: The white wine of Argentina on Display
One of the great discoveries of 2007 for me and many Vayniacs was the Torrentes grape from Argentina.

Episode #155 Torrontes a Wine of Argentina.
Torrontes is an up and coming grape from Argentina and today Gary focuses on this grape and adds his 2 cents.

Gruner Veltliner
Episode #823 Gruner Veltliner Head to Head
Gary tastes some GruVee (or Gruner Veltliner) from Austria with some surprising results.

Episode #181 Gruner Veltliner from Austria
Wines that taste like this are the future of the wine drinking world and today Gary Vaynerchuk tackles these food friendly wines.

Episode #249 Muscadet Wine Sampling
Gary samples some Muscadet wines, because some of us don’t have Franklins pouring out of our pockets.

Episode #704 LocalWineEvents.com Founder Eric Orange
Gary Vaynerchuk is joined by Eric Orange to taste 3 Muscat wines from around the world.

Assyrtico, Savatiano, Vilana
Episode #568 A Wine Tasting with Jancis Robinson
Today Gary Vaynerchuk welcomes wine legend Jancis Robinson to the show. (first wine is Assyritco)


Red Wines:

Episode #389 The Bonarda Grape Shines On Saturday
Gary Vaynerchuk sheds some light on a very under the radar grape and get this it’s under $5, YES 5 bones!!!

Nero d’Avola
Episode #385 Nero D’avola Wines
This is not Corvo people, Nero has taken a big jump in quality and today Gary Vaynerchuk tastes through 4 wines to see whats up.

Petite Verdot
Episode #391 The Wonderful World Of Petit Verdot
Oh boy Gary will be in a good mind set today as he gets to taste his boyhood love “Petit Verdot” :) Honestly a grape that is on the rise with global warming.

Episode #822 Chilean Carmenere Tasting
Gary introduces a grape that’s made a splash in Chile and brings some great value to the table.

Episode #465 Chilean Carmenere Makes An Appearance
Gary Vaynerchuk explores the very interesting grape that has many buzzing in the wine industry.

Episode #21 Carmenere, an unknown wine.
Gary Vaynerchuk tastes an unusual wine varietal – Carmenere. One of the original Bordeaux grapes, Carmenere is slowly making a comeback.

Episode #801 An Interesting Grape from the Piedmont- Dolcetto
Gary tastes 3 Dolcettos, a cool varietal from the Piedmont in Italy.

Episode #748 Dolcetto Wine Tasting
Gary Vaynerchuk tastes 3 wines made from the Dolcetto grape, hoping to find a winner.

Episode #497 An Italian Wine Tasting Of The Dolcetto
Gary still thinks the Dolcetto wines are some of the best values out there and these little wines from Piedmont bring serious thunder.

Episode #302 The Secret is Dolcetto
Gary Vaynerchuk tastes 4 wines made from the Dolcetto grape from 2 different places.

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