Unit 19

Unit 19: Before & After the Meal

Drink This Now Lesson 19: Before & After the Meal: Aperitif and Digestif Wines
Episode #964 By Request- Sherry and Madeira Tasting
Gary Vaynerchuk recently asked on the WLTV forums what wines people would like to see on the show. This Madeira and the 2 Sherry wines were suggestions by Dr. T and MagnumGourmet.

Episode #941 Tokaji Tasting with Jean-Guillaume Prats
Gary Vaynerchuk meets with owner of Cos d’Estournel in Bordeaux to talk about a new project, Tokaj Hetszolo. They taste 3 different Tokajis from the estate and talk about the wine business (sorry about some of the background noise!).

Episode #326 Port and Roaring Forties Cheese
Gary tastes some Vintage Port from Portugal and tastes it along with his favorite Blue Cheese the classic and elegant Roaring Forties.

Episode #795 Bubbles on New Years Eve
Gary tastes 3 different and interesting Champagnes on New Years Eve. Happy New Year Vayniacs!


Additional videos:

Episode #303 Sherry Wine Tasting, Time to Save Money
Taste along Gary Vaynerchuk as he shares some Sherry love with the Vayner Nation. These wines from Spain need some serious attention and GV will try to do just that!

Episode #962 Cava Tasting
Gary Vaynerchuk has long been a fan of Cava, sparkling wine from Spain, as an alternative to expensive Champagne. Cava comes from the Barcelona region in Spain and ring in at nice price points.

Episode #599 Ice Wines from Around the World
Gary Vaynerchuk tries 3 Ice Wines from around the world the day after the Jets ripped his heart completely out of his body.

Gary V loved the 2005 vintage, now let’s see how the 1969 Chateau Doisy Vedrines is holding up.

Episode #413 A Chateau De Fargues Sauternes Tasting
Gary Vaynerchuk gives his take on what many call “poor mans Chateau D’yquem.”

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