Unit 2

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Unit 2: Glassware

Drink This Now Lesson 2: Glassware: Yes, it does make a difference
*Episode #111 Wine Glasses, How Do They Affect Wine?
Today Gary tackles a very important topic that many people discuss and debate at a fever pitch in the wine industry. Gary grabs two great wines and attacks this subject head first, please join in the discussion and let us know what you think.

*Episode #815 Beer Tasting at Brooklyn Brewery with Garrett Oliver
Gary travels to Brooklyn to visit with brewmaster Garrett Oliver, to taste some interesting beers. Gary and Garrett discuss the beer and wine industry and Garrett’s new book, The Brewmaster’s Table.

Covey Run Gewurz. $7
Foris Gewurz. $14
Sawtooth Viognier $15
Burgans Albarino $15
Nessa Albarino $15
Pazo Albarino $25
Milton Park Shiraz $11
Shotfire Shiraz $16
Marietta Old Vine Red $15
Klinker Brick Zinfandel $19

Additional sites:
Riedel Glassware
The Riedel glass dynasty is built on the creative energies of a long line of glassmakers.

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