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Unit 3: When is it time to drink my wine?

Drink This Now Lesson 3: When is it time to drink my wine?
Episode #18 Decanting wine, what does it do?
Watch as Gary Vaynerchuk demonstrates the value of decanting wines. Also we explore the wonderful wines of the Barrosa Valley (Australia’s “Napa valley”) with Amon Ra. Crafted by Ben Glatzer, Amon Ra stands among the greatest wines in the world.

Episode #77 Vintages how much do they matter, a 2001 vs 2002 tasting
Today Gary Vaynerchuk tackles the issue of how much a vintage effects the wine. Gary samples 2 wonderful wines from Spain that are exactly the same but are from 2 different years. Gary also asks you to help him with something cool!

Dom. Grand Veneur Cote du Rhone $12
Vivir, Vivir Vinos de Fabula $12
Las Rocas Garnacha $13
Mas Carlot Les Enfants Terribles $14
Dom Mathieu Chat. du Pape $18
Fontodi Chiante Classico 06 $34
Erial TF 05 $42

Additonal vids and links
Grange And Sassicaia 24 Hours Of Decanting Later – Episode #507
Gary explores whether the wines from yesterday’s episode have changed after 24 hours of decanting!

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