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Welcome to whatever the hell this is. Oh yeah, it’s a site about wine, which means it joins the ranks of the other ten million web sites about wine. Unlike those sites, I’m not trying to sell you anything, talk you into anything, or convince you to like anything. I just want you to know more about the most awesome beverage on the planet: wine. Through lessons and links and videos and wine recommendations, I hope to get you more comfortable with and consciously consuming the beverage of Bacchus. The beverage of Bacchus of Blacksburg to be more geographically concise…

Why is this site THE Blacksburg Wine Source? Because I live here, dammit, and there is no other single source that so inclusively lists all the wine opportunities for our small town. For you non-locals, this is Blacksburg, VA, home of Virginia Tech, and more importantly, residence of a serious amount of serious wine drinkers! I don’t know what it is about our little college town, but there are a disproportionate number of folks like me who drink a hell of a lot of wine…I am willing to bet much more than the national average wine consumption per capita.

And the numbers keep growing! From personal experience of the last decade, I have seen wine options increase in restaurants, wine sections increase in the grocery stores, the Vintage Cellar clientele skyrocket, and my college course on wine grow from 20 students to over 600. Wow! Let’s drink this stuff! On this site we will do our best to hook up you wine-seekers with the wine-providers in our extended drinking area, and provide some educational and informative wine-drinking support along the way. Any and all input about local wine stores, wine specials, wine events, and wine dinners is heartily encouraged. Wine is a social beverage and a social experience, so be an active part of your local wine society by interacting and sharing here on this local wine forum.

You ain’t gotta be skilled or smart or savvy to drink wine….but the more you understand about wine, the more totally and tastefully and thoroughly you will enjoy it. Who doesn’t want to increase their palate pleasure? Enjoy the site, get drinking, and we’ll see you around town!

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