Unit 14

Drink This Now Lesson 14: The Spanish Princes: Grenache & Tempranillo
*Episode # 623 Wines for Valentine’s day, Grenache and Chocolate
What wine goes with Valentine’s day? Well of course you want to serve Chocolate so Gary talks about the Grenache grape and its merits. Time 17:57
*Episode #239 Rioja Wine. Everyone is asking so here you go I don’t remember being requested for a certain area of wines more then the mad push for Rioja in the last few weeks, so here we go! Time 15:14

Additional vids on Grenache
Episode #144 Grenache Wine Tasting
Today Gary does a Grenache wine tasting and review. Watch and see how these four fare, plus a new QOD.

Additional vids on Tempranillo
Episode #525 Remirez De Ganuza Mini-Vertical
Gary Vaynerchuk tastes two vintages of this high end Rioja and observes how big a difference a year can make!

Episode #500 Live From SF In Front Of A Huge Audience
Episode 500 features 3 Riojas and was taped on location before an amazing live audience at Crushpad in San Francisco… thank you to everyone who has helped the Thunder Show reach this milestone!

Episode #455 Tempranillo From 3 Different Countries
Gary Vaynerchuk tries 3 wines from three different countries made from the same Grape. Gary goes to Argentina, Spain and America to find out what he thinks about this grape.

Episode #180 Rioja Wines
Spanish Rioja wines are put to the test by Gary Vaynerchuk, sit back and enjoy and please jump in and mention some of your favorite Rioja’s and anything else you would like to say about wine!

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