Unit 4

instructions for the unit

Unit 4: Why do we drink with meals?

Drink This Now Lesson 4: Got Wood?
*Episode #289 The Naked Show
Gary Vaynerchuk focuses on Naked Chardonnay, what does that mean? Unoaked Chardonnay’s. this is gonna be interesting. Time: 24:02
Corvidae Mirth Chard. $13 (unoaked)
Butterfield Station Chard. $8 (oaked)
L’Ecole 41 Chard. $24 (oaked)
*Episode #298 OAK MONSTER Time
Is Gary in the mood to make up with the Oak Monster once and for all? Only todays show will tell ya! Time 21:17

Additional vids
Episode #614 – Chardonnay tasting featuring Australia, California and France
Gary Vaynerchuk picks 3 Chardonnay wines to go head to head for a battle royal. Which of these 3 93 point scored Wine Spectator and Robert Parker wines will win?

Episode #279 Cabernet from 4 places, same vintage and all treated with French Oak
This will be a great experiment of what The same grape with the same treatment acts like from 4 different places!

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