Unit 5

Drink This Now Lesson 5: Dry vs. Sweet: A Sugar Showdown
Episode #169 2005 German Rieslings
Kabinett or Spatlese what is your choice? Gary Vaynerchuk goes through the white grape that has his attention these days. Time 20:40
Dry Riesling:
Milton Park $10
Marc Kreydenweiss $14
Trimach $18
Kilikanoon $23
*Episode #273 Wine Temperature Time
Today Gary Vaynerchuk tries the same wine 3 different ways and has some fun in the middle that will make you veryyyy happy! Time 22:48
Sweet Riesling
FunF $7
J&P Matheus $10
St Urbans-Hof $15
Selbach Spatlese $19

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